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Harness the Potential of Asset Tracking and Management Software


Harness the Potential of Asset Tracking and Management Software

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Assets are important for any organisation. However, these assets can be sometimes difficult to manage, especially when they have been leased to community groups. A manual asset tracking process fails to provide complete visibility of assets spread across various locations. This is the reason why organisations are embracing asset tracking and management software to track and manage their assets.

Asset tracking and management software facilitates tracking of assets at a granular level – from purchase to disposal. It enables organisations to gain real-time information about the location, condition, usage, and maintenance of assets. The complete transparency achieved through asset tracking software offers benefits like accuracy, risk management, compliance, and improved productivity.

Leveraging the potential of asset tracking and management software

Here are some of the best ways organisations can leverage the benefits of the best asset management software:

• Real-time tracking of assets
To make the most of your asset tracking and management software, begin by defining your goals and use them to identify your needs. Determine how asset tracking software can help you accomplish your goals – whether it is streamlining workflows, reducing asset theft, or eliminating unnecessary asset repair or replacement cost. Create an asset register and find out how you will track them with your asset tracking software.

• Automate critical processes like asset maintenance
Efficient asset maintenance is essential for any organisation. The best asset management software automates and streamlines preventative maintenance of assets, providing organisations with complete visibility of where their assets are in their lifecycle. Timely asset maintenance improves asset efficiency while reducing unnecessary asset repair and replacement costs.

• Seamless workload distribution among field employees and volunteers
Asset tracking software enables efficient workload distribution among field employees and volunteers. Organisations can easily assign asset maintenance and repair jobs to their staff and get real-time reports on the job done.

• Apply business intelligence for decision-making
Software integrated with complete asset tracking and maintenance tools provides organisations with access to real-time data. Custom reports and real-time dashboard for insights about assets enable organisations to make timely and well-informed decisions about their assets. Additionally, the reports can be leveraged to create valuable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for employees in the organisation.

• Plan for future expenses
Asset tracking and management software can be a great tool for organisations to devise a strategic approach comprising balancing costs, opportunities, and risks against the performance of each asset. This may involve taking a life cycle view of assets so that organisations can efficiently account for the risks, opportunities, and costs to maximise the utility of each asset. In addition, asset tracking software enables forecasting and planning – whether it is preventative maintenance or asset budgeting. This supports organisation’s strategic planning and long-term goals.

Asset tracking and management software can make a significant difference to your organisation. DIRIJOR is smart and easy asset tracking and management software. DIRIJOR streamlines asset tracking and maintenance byenabling efficient scheduling of preventative asset maintenance, streamlining workload distribution, generating real-time reports, thereby improving business productivity and reducing operational costs.

DIRIJOR can be easily integrated into organisations of all types and sizes. Request a demo to see how DIRIJOR can benefit your organisation.