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The whole picture at your fingertrips with REIS.

A few words about REIS

Not so long ago, risks and compliance management could be seamlessly handled. Not anymore. Simplicity in business operations are now left behind. The challenge is the compounding effect of change. Organizations have change bearing down on them from all directions that is constant, dynamic, and disruptive. This leads to fundamental changes in the landscape of risks faced by businesses. In parallel, the regulatory compliance is always evolving and growing tremendously, with requirements constantly multiplying. Companies are not the only ones that are affected by these challenges. They have a huge impact on the public sector as well.


Why is REIS different?
See how REIS can help you.

Gain Creators

  Pain relievers

Precise documentation

Ensures consistency around assets documentation.

Reduced costs

Well-designed dashboards for better equipment tracking.

All in one platform

Stores data in one centralized platform aligned to the business goals.

To-do lists

Easily accessible to do lists to keep track of your risks.

Industry expertise

Industry transformation with best-practice industry data models.

Custom notifications

Keep everyone informed automatically for improved efficiency and planning.

Employee enagement

Enagage the right employees with automated tasks, alerts and reminders.

Real-time risks identifier

Better decisions to improve business performance with real-time risk intelligence.

Relevant Solutions

Risk Management

Anticipate, assess, mitigate, and monitor every form of risk.

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Audit Management

More audits in less time.

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Controls Management

Transform your internal control into real benefit for the company.

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Incident Management

Stay in control during incidents.

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Compliance Management

Strenghten compliance with organizational goals.

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Change Management

Manage risks by managing changes.

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